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Export data from NetSuite




  • Integration User

    I need some help on this. Would like to setup an export using a the export functionality and using the existing sandard flow rather than have to create another flow and recreate the mapping. Please reach out to me at

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  • Driven Products

    Great walkthrough, thank you. One question. I am exporting a CSV from saved search results and uploading to FTP. For several of the fields exported from NetSuite, there are quotes added around the field values. How can I remove these quotes from the finalized export file?

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  • Courtney Jordan

    Hi Driven Products,

    There is a checkbox "Wrap with quotes" on the FTP import setting page. Can you check whether you accidentally checked this? It's not checked by default. If that doesn't solve your problem, please provide more context or submit a support ticket. Thanks!

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  • Courtney Jordan

    Hi Integration User,

    It's not clear what you're trying to do here? Can you provide more context or submit a support ticket? Thanks!

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