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Connect to custom NetSuite RESTlets



  • Steve Klett Strategic Partner
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    I've been unable to figure out how to pass parameters to the RESTlet. I've tried adding them to the HTTP headers, to the request body and to the URL as params. My RESTlet isn't seeing any of the parameters.

    Is it possible?

  • Stephen Brandt Documentation Manager Community moderator
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    Hi, Steve Klett. Thanks for sharing your results here. 

    If you haven't tried this yet, as a start, can you turn on connection debugging and verify that the parameters are getting sent correctly from the integrator․io side? 

    Steve Klett, updated 3/15/2022 from a developer lead asked a similar question:

    At present, query parameters are supported only for GET calls.
    You can pass them as an object in body.query.

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